A Family Blessing

Dear Parishioners,

I am writing this to you on December 10 for the December 20 bulletin. It is difficult to be timely when the deadline for publication is far ahead of the date you will read this. Such is the life of a bulletin editor!

I came across a lovely prayer that is appropriate for our times, and for this time of the year. It was sent by Catholic Relief Services, an organization that does terrific relief work in over 100 countries, including ours, without regard to race, religion or nationality.

A Family Blessing

Lord of all, bless our families.

Be they formed by blood or by circumstance, make them holy.

May we find you in our relationships.

Tn our marriages, in our families, in our households, in our communities, in our global humanity.

May we look across all that divides us and see family, and embrace as a family does.

And love as a family ought to.

For where two or three gather in your name, there are you.



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