149 South Pine Creek Road, Fairfield, CT


Parish Life Coordinator
Eleanor W. Sauers, Ph.D.

Rev. Michael A. Boccaccio

The Fairfield Jesuit Community Sacramental and Liturgical Partners

Director of Music
Frank A. Macari

Pastoral Minister
Elizabeth Paris

Finance Committee Chairperson - in Memoriam
Bill Greenwood

Director of Web Communications
Jacqueline Greenwood
(203) 209-6585

Dr. Eleanor Sauers
Dr. Eleanor Sauers
Parish Life Coordinator
Father John Baran

The death of our beloved pastor, Father John, has left us with such sadness.  We are comforted by the knowledge that he is watching over and protecting his cherished parish.  May he rest in peace.  We will continue to live out his vision for our parish.