Bread of Life

Dear Parishioners,

Bread of LifeWe have been hearing snippets from the gospel writer John’s “Bread of Life Discourse” the past few Sundays and will hear a continuation this weekend.

Jesus is telling his disciples (that includes us) that he is the living bread come down from heaven that we might share divine life. Much like the manna in the desert fed the people in the Book of Exodus, God continues to feed humanity, only this time, for all time, the food is the flesh and blood of God’s Son, offered that we might have eternal life. Part of the Christian understanding of receiving this bread of life is that we are to go out into the world and become bread for others, sharing the life that we have received, the compassion that we have experienced and the love that is at the heart of it all, with the world.

This week’s bulletin contains not only thanks for the ways in which our parish has helped others, but also offers many opportunities to continue doing so, giving flesh to the words of St. Augustine, “Become what you receive.”


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