Christmas Column 2020 – Beth

Dear Parishioners,

This year it may be hard to feel the “Holly Jolly” of the Season but perhaps that isn’t a bad thing! Just maybe, this year we focus on the profoundness of the Season. The need for our collective faith; the wonderment of love that shares the burdens of this time, and how deeply felt are the willing hands of so many in service. We welcome the reminders that we are all stewards of this earth and have a responsibility to love our planet. And, perhaps, the strongest message that Christ being born into the human family brings: we are all flesh and bone, filled with the Spirit of God. We have a connection that comes from Heaven to each of us. If we see only differences that are on the outside, we miss the great way we were formed by the Divine-from the inside out! This human flesh houses our souls and in this light we all have the potential to reflect the superpowers with which we were born. Like our brother Christ, we can unconditionally love, and show mercy, hope and faith. We can be light for the world!                                                     







Dear Parishioners,


Merry Christmas!


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