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Come and be fed

Dear Parishioners,

It seems hard to believe but here we are on the eve of Holy Week, the week that contains our holiest of holy days, the week that teaches us once again about the Paschal Mystery -the suffering, death and resurrection of Jesus,- and reminds us of the paschal mystery that each of us experiences every day. For, as was true for Jesus, so is true for us. In the course of our lives, we experience small dyings and risings. Something is always dying yet something is always rising. And not just at the end of our lives but throughout our lives.


If you have been here at St. A’s for any previous Holy Week, you know that this is a special time for us.

All that we do throughout the liturgical year points us toward this week, and all that follows flows from the celebrations of this week. The is THE WEEK for us, and here at our parish we take seriously our responsibility to celebrate these days well…to mark them for the meaningful remembrances that they are, days that provide food for the journey.

We invite you to come on Palm Sunday to celebrate Jesus’ entrance into Jerusalem. And then, join us for the Triduum ( the Three Days) of Holy Thursday, Good Friday and the Easter Vigil. These are the celebrations that enable us to bring our acts of service to the altar, our wounds to His cross, our hopes for the future and trust in our creative God that what was true for Jesus will be true for us as well. Come and be fed by Word and Sacrament, by community and music (Dan Schutte will be joining us again!). Bring your hungry heart and be filled to the brim with the faith, hope and love that liturgy can provide…


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