Coming Home

Dear Parishioners,

This past Sunday, the Quick Center at Fairfield University resounded with melodious song produced by three of the St. Louis Jesuits and the St. Anthony Choir, accompanied by the instrumentalists who grace our church during the seasons of Advent and Christmas, Lent and Easter. The theatre was packed, the atmosphere was expectant and the music began, after an introductory prayer from Fr. Roc (Robert F.) O’Connor. S.J.

These three artists performed a “Coming Home” concert in St. Louis in September with the other two original members of the group, John Foley, S.J. and Bob (Robert J.) Dufford, S.J., after which “our” three decided to venture out and continue to share their signature music with other audiences. And share their music they did!

There was excitement before, during and after the performance (which managed to be prayerful, joyous and soul-restoring at the same time). The songs were familiar to the audience, which sang along…700+ voices joining in with the “talent” and our amazing choir!

Frank Macari, our music director, led the choir and the instrumentalists, his feet barely touching the ground as he conducted both with expertise and gusto!

Sunday was a day to rejoice in the companion- ship and comfort of singing with so many who appreciate the beautiful and varied creations of these talented composers. Sunday was a day to give thanks to the team that provided much of the “backdrop” of our spiritual lives  for the past 50 years, and whose music elicited not a few tears as it was received by the large crowd. And Sunday was a day to rejoice with and be grateful to our own choir, whose voices, energy and dedication added so  much to the musical love fest that was the concert. We at St. A’s are filled with joy and pride. When you see Frank or a member of the choir, thank them for making us so proud!


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