Easter Sunday — April 12, 2020 — Bulletin

April 12, 2020

Dear Parishioners,

A reasonable facsimile of the bulletin for Easter Sunday follows:

Easter Sunday — April 12, 2020

Per Bishop Frank Caggiano, all Masses are suspended through Thursday, April 30.

This weekend’s bulletin is dedicated to the memory of those who would have been remembered at our Masses this past week, and this coming week (April 11 through April 19):

All Parishioners, James P. Dillon, Lt. Albert C. Joyce, Jr., Edna Miller, Elizabeth Palmer, and Joseph G. Gerics.

Please remember them in your prayers. 

May they rest in peace.

Dear Parishioners,

         On this Easter Sunday, as we are unable to gather together, except virtually, we continue to be of one heart in our community of St. Anthony of Padua Parish.  I came across the words of Pope Francis, who, when asked how he was managing during this stressful time, responded:  “I’m living this as a time of great uncertainty.  It’s a time for inventing, for creativity. The creativity of the Christian needs to show forth in opening up new horizons, opening windows, opening transcendence toward God and toward people, and in creating new ways of being at home. It’s not easy to be confined to your house.”  He continued by speaking about this time as one of conversion, requiring the return to a more contemplative time, one in which we remember the dignity of each person and of our natural world. He spoke about the “next door saints” among us, those doctors, nurses, religious, shop workers, and all who are working to keep our communities functioning, referring to them as “miracles,” adding that if we become aware of this miracle, our current crisis will end well.  Pope Francis returned to the idea of creativity, an apostolic creativity…“with a yearning to express our faith in community, as the people of God. So, be in lockdown, but yearning, with that memory that yearns and begets hope-that is what will help us escape our confinement.”  
         On this Easter, we wish you safety and health in your confinement, peace and hope in your Easter observances whatever they may be, and trust…that in our communal yearning for what we have known before as a community of faith we will again experience, perhaps altered a bit, but as meaningful and life-giving as ever, as together we continue to follow our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ as his disciples.  He is risen!  Alleluia!

So, please check out the actual bulletin on the website: www.stanthonyffld.org, stay home and be safe, and pray for the day when we can gather again in our lovely church. Pray also for the victims of this novel corona virus and petition the Lord to deliver us from this scourge.  On behalf of Frank and Beth, I wish you all a blessed and peaceful Easter.  May the risen Lord protect us, grant us health and rid us of this virus.  Amen.

Sending prayers and love from us all,


Eleanor W. Sauers, Ph.D.
Parish Life Coordinator

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