Gearing Up

Dear Parishioners,

As we face the waning days of summer, there are a few housekeeping items to consider.

The first concerns our annual picnic, held on July 14. We have not received all the invoices yet, but it appears that we were able to raise in excess of $30,000! What a tribute that is to those who organized the day, those who worked on and before that day, and those who attended. The amount raised is important, of course, but it is the camaraderie that develops and flourishes as a result of banding together to accomplish goals, being interdependent and sharing smiles and laughs that are the true measure of a successful picnic. Well done, all!

Religious Education

The second item is Religious Education. Our program begins on Sunday, October 6. In the coming weeks there will be announcements in the bulletin and on the website with the date for the registration meeting for parents along with other pertinent information.

The parish will soon be gearing up for the year ahead with plans for educational, spiritual and fun activities…keep your              eyes on the bulletin!