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God intends to change the world

easter mondayDear Parishioners,

Let’s talk about Easter Monday…..

That’s right. For the moment, I want to bypass the chocolate bunnies and jelly beans, the hamor-lamb-for-dinner debate, the egg hunt and the basket filled with fake grass, and get right to the tough question of Easter Monday morning: so what?

If Monday morning brings you back to business as usual and “Easter 2017” is a blurry memory of a nice family meal at Grandma’s and how cute the kids looked in their new clothes, then I’d say that’s not such a bad deal. Not everybody gets to have those kind of memories. I hope they are the same kind of memories you also might have of, say, Fourth-of-July or Mother’s Day.

But if you heard the story the Church just retold in these last three days, Easter Monday might contain a bit more for you. Yes, Easter is the celebration of Christ’s resurrection from the dead, but sometimes I think people get the mistaken notion that that is the reason God’s Son was sent into the world. God’s Son was sent among us, first and foremost, to love. Turns out that love was so radical it was threatening. He was killed because of it. Also, turns out that love was powerful, so powerful even death couldn’t extinguish it. The Triduum celebration of Easter is meant to remind us of the depth with which each of us is loved by God and, also, that each of us is capable of loving in like manner through God’s grace.

These realizations can change pretty much everything. Calm and peace might seep in to replace fear and anxiety. Hope might be rekindled in the empowering identity we share as a people of God’s own. Patience and compassion offer clearer ways of seeing and relating to each other.

Chocolate bunnies and egg hunts are great ways to celebrate Easter, but understand that through the Paschal Events, God intends to change the world…..maybe through you…..on Easter Monday.

Father John