Dear Parishioners,

The Feast of the Epiphany has long been a feast for the imaginative. Authors and artists transform magi into Kings and Astronomers and Seekers. Travel routes are influenced by guiding stars. Birth gifts are filled with symbolism. An evil king is thwarted by the dreams of a good heart.

Imagination plays such an important role in the spiritual life. From the Spiritual Exercises of St. Ignatius to the land of Narnia of C. S. Lewis, the human imagination often allows us to transform dreams into realities and to reach for a better understanding of the transcendent attributes of God. It’s also an essential tool to promote engagement. Spark someone’s imagination in the classroom or in the church, and you get them involved. We are just days into a brand new year, a year of time that is filled with potential and possibilities.

We’ve just been to Bethlehem, so like the magi, it’s a perfect time to do a little dreaming of our own, imagining what our parish can be or what it can do in the weeks and months ahead. Asking, as we do, the creative Spirit of God to lead us, the paths are not certain but the outcome is: we will be building our part of the Kingdom God dreams for us.

So look for a star. Look for lots of stars. Be prepared to change direction. Often! And don’t forget to bring your gifts with you. You never know where you’ll find the Christ, but in the year to come you will find the Christ. Many, many times……

Father John