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King of the Universe

Dear Parishioners,

We Americans get nervous when we hear the word “king.”  Ever since we fought a costly and pain­ful war to separate ourselves from King George and England, we have associated “kingship” with an un­savory means of governing.  Except for our fascina­tion with things royal in the social pages of the news­paper and the internet, we find ourselves more com­fortable with things of a democratic nature.

That is why we are sometimes confused with the title of this Sunday’s celebration.Our Lord Je­sus Christ, King of the Universe.  The common per­ception of a king is that of one who can rule over oth­ers with relative impunity, who sits clothed in velvet on a golden throne, who can issue arbitrary com­mands that must be obeyed under pain of punish­ment, one who answers to no one else on earth for his actions and deeds.

One look at the readings for this Sunday will leave us questioning what kind of a king is it who acts as a shepherd, searching out the lost sheep, car­ing for the sick and the injured.  What kind of a king humbles himself by laying down his life that all might experience eternal life? And exactly what kind of a king is so enmeshed in the personal lives of his subjects that he cares that they do not thirst, do not hunger, are welcomed when they are strangers and visited when they are ill or in prison?

This king we celebrate today is the antithesis of an earthly king; our king washes feet, is a servant to all, his throne was a cross…the kingdom he proclaims is one where all are welcome, all are fed, all are respected and loved…his kingdom is peace, for all, among all,