Let love rule our lives

Dear Parishioners,

Sometimes, during what seems to be one very long day since the coronavirus overtook our lives, we all need to see a ray of hope. That is true especially when the darkness of sickness or death comes into our lives and we are plunged into sorrow.

I just heard from a former parishioner who moved out of state. She wrote asking for prayers for her family. Her granddaughter had just died, actually, had been murdered.

Although every death brings sadness, this kind of death brings its own horror, and with it, a darkness that can lead a person to despair. Thank God this woman has great faith and is praying her way through this tragedy. I have assured her of the prayers of our community, as she and her family do their best to cope with this sudden loss and its aftermath. Please join me, and the members of our community of faith, in praying for Samantha, her family, and for all who have needlessly lost their lives to violent acts that countermand God’s desire for us to have life in abundance. I believe that God is mourning with this family, and I believe that our prayers can uphold them as they travel this unwanted journey.

Perhaps Henri Nouwen’s words cited below can give us all hope that darkness and death do not have the last word. Love is stronger than death and transcends even death. Let love rule our lives… it is the strongest force in this world, and beyond.


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