Let the Summer Begin!

Dear Parishioners,

tomatoThrough the kindness of a parishioner, I had my first tomato from the garden this week! It’s a real blast of summer when you are reminded of what a tomato really tastes like! Add a little salt, a little basil, a little “EVOO”, and life is good again…. Simple pleasures are the best, and summer seems to be filled with them. Iced tea on a hot day. A cold, dark movie theater. The smell of sun tan lotion. A hot dog on the grill. A Beach Boys song on the radio. Simple, centering, and restorative….all of the things we want out of this time of year.

That’s another reason to join us this Sunday at our annual Parish Picnic, where such simple pleasures abound! Have a pierogi, watch the little kids dance, browse through the tag sale, dive into a lobster dinner. Best of all, there’s time to talk and catch up with people who you might not have seen since the last picnic!

A small request: please be considerate when parking your car. I know that parking is at a premium during the hours of the picnic and many need to park blocks away on a side street. Please be mindful of leaving plenty of room for people to get into and out of their driveways and not to run over anybody’s petunias! If you have difficulty walking, be aware that we keep many spaces reserved right in the church parking lot for those who have such difficulties. Just let the parking person at the end of the driveway know about your situation.

So let the summer begin! And may it be filled with an abundance of wonderful restful moments…..and lots of fresh tomatoes!

Father John