Let’s All Chip In

Dear Parishioners,

As you all know by now, the parish has been engaged in a capital campaign, We Stand With Christ. The results have been astounding! 281 families have contributed thus far, and we are approaching our goal. We are so grateful to all who have made donations!

The participation rate, however, is lagging behind what we had hoped for. The rate of participation is important, for our parish in particular, as it reflects the degree to which parishioners are engaged in and support the mission of St. Anthony’s. It also sends a message to the greater diocese that as members of the parish we are “all in,” recognizing that as we experience the benefits of the parish, we also contribute to its priorities. Therefore, if you have not already made a gift, I am asking you to please consider doing so. The amount is not what is important; it is the idea that you can then take pride in knowing that you were part of the projects we have planned to improve the church, the parish hall, the parking lot, etc. There are pledge cards in the front vestibule. Please take one and contribute whatever you can, be it $25 a year for 5 years or a one time gift of that or any other amount. Let’s all chip in to close this campaign on a high note, with a great rate! Thank you.


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