Monthly food collection to support The Merton Center – Sunday, November 1 to Wednesday, November 4

Merton Center Collection

Demand for the Merton Center’s food resources continues unabated during the Covid19 crisis. Since the dining hall is closed because of the pandemic, every weekday the Center distributes hundreds of mealstogo (breakfast and lunch) and the food pantry is open every other Wednesday. From Sunday, November 1st to Wednesday, November 4, we will have our monthly food collection to support this ministry.

The staff at the Center has alerted us to current needs, including :

  • bottled water
  • individual size apple sauce
  • snacks such as cereal/granola/power bars
  • rice krispie treats
  • small packets of cookies, etc.

These items are added to the mealstogo that are distributed at the door of the Center. Our parish collection point is the enclosed back porch of the rectory where baskets will be provided from November 1 – 4. Thank you for your faithful generosity, especially during these most difficult times.