“Novena for Pentecost” by Dan Schutte

Do you remember Dan Schutte’s gift of a “virtual Triduum” that enriched the lives of so many of us when we couldn’t celebrate the Triduum in our usual manner?  Dan has done it again!  He has produced a “Novena for Pentecost.”  This is a series of prayers, short videos, and music for the days between Ascension Thursday (this Thursday, May 21) and the Feast of Pentecost (the coming of the Holy Spirit, Sunday, May 31).  The series is artfully executed and is a visual and auditory delight.  It is guaranteed to both lift and fill your spirit as we await the coming of the light and inspiration of the Holy Spirit. The link follows, and is located on the website as well.


We are so grateful to Dan for sharing his gifts with us, and helping us find ways to celebrate our feasts together, while apart.  Thank you, Dan! 

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