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Parish Leadership

Dear Parishioners,

St. Anthony of Padua Church

You may have noticed some new faces at the altar these days, particularly if you come to Mass during the week.

Our partnership with the Fairfield Jesuit Community has begun in earnest, and we have been, and will continue to be, graced with the presence of Frs. Charles Allen, Gerald Blaszczak, Denis Donoghue, John Murray, Mark Scalese, Joe Schad and Michael Tunney, all Jesuits. Fr. Michael Boccaccio and Fr. Michael Callaghan, as many of you have asked, will continue to be on the rotation of priests for the weekend Masses.

All these priests have indicated to me their delight in being able to be part of St. Anthony’s ongoing commitment to Christ’s mission and ministry. They are all happy to be getting to know you, the parishioners, and to be of service to the parish. Please be sure to stop and greet the presider as you leave Mass.

In addition to the above named priests, Deacon Tom Curran of the Fairfield University Campus Ministry Team will be available to our parish when needed for various liturgical functions.

Of course, Frank Macari, our Music Director, Beth Paris, our Pastoral Minister for Youth, and I are always available to you.

We are excited for the parish as as we move into the future with this new model of parish leadership. We ask for your continued support and promise that we will do everything in our power to keep moving forward, guided by the vision of Fr. John, to do St. Anthony’s part in the unfolding of the reign of God.

Eleanor, Frank & Beth

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