St. Anthony Pastoral Council


It is again time to go through the process of choosing a new pastoral council for our parish. This council is essential to the leadership of the parish as it helps us perceive the working of God’s Spirit among us, as well as the direction in which the Spirit might be leading us. A word about the council…this is not another group in the parish that “does” something. We have many groups that do, but this isn’t one. Members of the coun- cil are people who listen, pray, think…and then meet three times a year as a group to discuss and reflect upon the ideas and themes that have been coming up in the minds and hearts of those involved.

How does the process work? There are prayer cards available at the doors of the church. Please take a card and say the prayer for the new council. In your prayer, if you feel or sense that you would like to become part of the council, turn the card over and write your name and contact information on the reverse side.

Fold the card in half and drop it in the basket that will be on the altar beginning next Sunday, May 26. At the 10 am Mass on the Feast of Pentecost (June 9), the great celebration of the Holy Spirit, twelve names will be drawn from the basket, the twelve people who will become the new council for the next two years…no election, no voting, no popularity contests. Simply the trust that God is looking out for us as well as looking ahead for us. God has plans for St. Anthony Parish which will be revealed through the unique combination of life experiences that these twelve will bring to the council. Our part is to pay attention to the plan that unfolds and co- operate with it as best we can.

It’s an exciting process! Please pray and consider becoming a part of it. The commitment involves meeting three times a year on a Saturday, from 9 am until 3 pm, off campus. There is time for reflection, discussion, prayer and lunch. Please think, and pray about this…the Spirit might be calling you to serve in this way.

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