St. Anthony Pastoral Council


Once again, our parish is about to begin the important process of selecting a new council to help guide our community through the next two years. The council is comprised of twelve parishioners and the parish staff who try to discern the direction in which God may lead our faith community. We do this through prayer and discussion, meeting three times a year off campus. In the course of these meetings, pat- terns begin to emerge and we get a better sense of the goals, hopes and vision for our parish.

A prayer/name card will be available at the doors of the church next weekend. Please take one, and offer the prayer for the guidance of the Holy Spirit. Then, prayerfully consider placing your name in a basket which will be placed in front of the altar on Sunday, May 26, for two weeks. At the 10 am Mass on Sunday, June 9, the Feast of Pentecost, trusting in the Holy Spirit, we will draw from the basket the names of the twelve members of the new council.

This new council will be the eighth such council here at St. Anthony’s. They have all served us well!

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