Plant Some Color

Dear Parishioners,

For some people, rolling the gas grill out of the garage is the signal that summer has begun. For others, it’s shocking the pool with chlorine or that first ride in the car with the top down. At St. A’s, I know the season has changed when I look out the window and see that it’s Planting Day. That’s the annual event when several families descend on the various gardens around the church property and cut and weed and dig and plant flowers for the summer. Geranium, vinca, coleus, snapdragons…..all started from seed in a greenhouse and then carefully (and artfully!) transplanted to the gardens. They might be little more than seedlings, now, but it always amazes me how quickly they grow and how big they’ll be by the end of the summer.

I realize that the small army of people who did the planting all morning are teaching us to invest in a hopeful future. They work hard and their efforts are so quiet as to not even be noticed by many at first. By September however—when the plants are at the height of bloom and color—I can’t tell you how many people I see stopping to admire the handiwork. It shows us how even small things, when done communally and faithfully, can turn into future treasure.

This lesson of hope is one I welcome in these days when marathons are ruined by bombs, towns are wiped out by tornadoes, and graduating classes are diminished by car accidents. There is so much out there that seems to drain color from the world, that it becomes a delight to watch and learn from those are determined to plant color back into it.

Plant some color. That even makes a great image to guide us through the summer months. Make a list of books to read or movies to watch and plant some color into your imagination for the future. Give us a hand at the Annual Parish Picnic in July and plant some color by helping out some kids in need get some decent clothes. Join us next Sunday for the final concert of this year’s music series and plant some color into your soul with the sparkling notes of Vivaldi. Plant some color by writing to an old friend or taking a walk by the water or taking the family out of ice cream. Remember that the world is in need of the color you plant and hope you instill. Remember that small things, done communally and faithfully, can grow into something much bigger and wider than at first imagined.

Thank you, Color Planters, for refilling the gardens of St. Anthony with the lovingly grown plants and flowers. May God bless your efforts by using them to refill our spirits with hope overflowing…..

Father John