Prayer for the 5th anniversary of Laudato Si’ – Sunday, May 24th at noon.

This week Pope Francis is leading the world in the celebration of the fifth anniversary of his encyclical Laudato Si, announcing a Global Day of Prayer on Sunday, May 24, at noon.   The encyclical encouraged care of the earth, our common home, and focused on a myriad of ways in which humans might combat the effects of climate change, poverty, food insecurity, and many other issues that threaten the dignity of human life.  The Day of Prayer this year highlights the interdependence of all creation and the need for each of us to consider the common good in the way we live our lives.  Certainly, in our current situation, we recognize how connected we are and how our actions affect others.  One need only watch the rapidity and breadth of contagion of the novel coronavirus to see the deleterious effect of this connection.  Conversely, the beneficial results of social distancing, wearing masks, and staying at home point to our understanding that we protect others as we seek to guard our own health and that of our loved ones.  Please join with others around the world next Sunday at noon to pray that we become more conscious of our mutual dependence and our calling to preserve and protect our common home, and one another.

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