Prayer Resources online

Prayer Resources online

There are many re-sources available online as we try to keep our prayer lives in good order!   Some to consider are:

Daily Faith Sharing with Fr. James Martin.  Each day Fr. Martin gives a lesson about the Gospel of the day, from his room at the Jesuit House in New York. It is available at:

Pray as you go.  This is a site sponsored by the Irish Jesuits and consists of a visual aid, appropriate music, the gospel, prayers and reflection.  This is a convenient way to daily prayer, designed as much to be listened to in your car as at your computer.

Sacred Space.  Daily Ignatian Prayer online.

Murphy Center for Ignatian Spirituality. The Center offers a variety of prayer opportunities, including daily prayer.  See

United States Conference of Catholic Bishops. There are many other resources both online and in print that can begin or supplement your daily prayer.This is an opportune time to to “tune up” your daily practice, as we all pray to rid the world of the novel corona virus.  

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