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Social Justice & Charitable Works Fair

Social Justice

During the past three years, many groups and agencies have contacted St. Anthony’s looking for volunteers to address various issues of social justice and/or participate in charitable works. Likewise, many parishioners have been searching for meaningful ways to live their faith.

The Conference of Catholic Bishops calls this impulse to serve others “the two feet of love in action.” One foot is SOCIAL JUSTICE (working toward systemic change) and CHARITABLE WORKS (working to meet basic human needs).

During the weekend of September 21/22 the parish will hold a SOCIAL JUSTICE & CHARITABLE WORKS FAIR. After each Mass that weekend, representatives of various groups that do social justice and charitable work will be in the parish hall to explain the work they do Our own parishioners will also be displaying information about a group they volunteer with. Please consider this your chance to learn more about each group and, if it sparks an interest, sign up for more information or to volunteer. SAVE THE DATE!

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