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Social Justice Outreach

Dear Parishioners,

Did you know?…As part of our parish’s Social Justice outreach, there will be a blurb in the bulletin each week highlighting a topic of interest and/or an organization that responds to needs within or beyond our local community. This is the first:

Did you know…that St. Anthony’s has been a member of the Council of Churches of Greater Bridgeport (CCGB) since 2015? Margaret Mary Fitzgerald and Nora Lennon-Bradley are our delegates. Margaret Mary also serves on the CCGB Board of Directors.

The Council of Churches supports Food Equity and Economic Development (FEED). FEED feeds over 20,000 people each month through the Hunger Outreach Network, as well as graduates students from the free culinary courses, where 65% find employment upon completion of the course.

This is just one aspect of the outreach of this organization. See :ccgb.org/CCGB/index.php for more information and perhaps find a way in which you might like to help.

Lent is the perfect time to find ways in which we might lift the burdens of others while witnessing our faith…and lifting our spirits at the same time.


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