Spreading the Light of Christ’s Love

Dear Parishioners,

The sense of hospitality and generosity of this parish is never more evident than during the Christmas Season, from the items that appear for the babies and mothers at Mercy Learning Center, to the conviviality of the gatherings before and after each Mass.

There are so many examples, but the one I would like to highlight today is the response to the Giving Tree, that project of the parish Youth Group that collects gift cards for Sr. Eileen Boffa’s Street Ministry.

We have just received the following thank you note from Sister:

“Dear Parishioners,

Blessing cards! That is what I call your $10.  

Advent gift cards.  Each one of your over 830 gift cards will in many various ways this coming year enrich the folks who receive the love of God through your generous hearts.   

Thank you!

Let us continue together to search for ways to  give expression of God’s merciful love to  all we meet and hold in our hearts.

Wishing you peaceful hearts this New Year!

Sister Eileen Boffa”

While it is gratifying (and appreciated) to receive such thanks, it seems to me that it is we, the members of this extraordinarily blessed parish, are the ones who might be thanking Sister Eileen for providing us with the opportunity to reach out to those who can use our help. So often we can forget about all those in need, or perhaps look for a way to provide for others but don’t know where to begin to try to make a difference. Sister Eileen, in her quiet unassuming way, shines a light for us, a Christmas Star as it were, showing us the way to spread the light of Christ’s love to those in need.