Springing to Action

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Dear Parishioners,

If you attended the 10 am Mass on Sunday, December 29, you would have seen for yourself the best of our parish in action. Our visitors from Maplewood were seated in their regular spot when one of them fainted. Immediately two doctors and nurses come to her aid, the ambulance was called, Mass was paused for a bit. When the EMTs arrived, they headed down the main aisle and placed the woman on the gurney. As they all left the church, the congregation clapped their appreciation for the excellent service from the emergency workers, including the woman who had fainted, leaving the church with a big smile and clapping.

What happened next was a joy to see. Two parishioners consulted, then one stood in the main aisle, the other in the side aisle, and between them they shepherded our Maplewood visitors to and from the communion line, to assure that each would safely travel back to their pew.

Standing in the back of the church, I witnessed this scene, touched by the parishioners’ evaluating the situation and springing into action. Touched, and so proud, that once again, St. A’s rose to the occasion and did what was needed in our typical understated way. Bravo!


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