St. Anthony of Padua Parish Response to the Coronavirus Threat

Corona Virus

In consideration of the CDC, Town of Fairfield and Bridgeport Diocesan recommendations, we are taking the following precautions: 

Non-liturgical events are being canceled

  • i.e. Religious Education classes, Youth Group Meetings, Soup Suppers, until further notice. 

If you are not feeling well, are infirm, particularly vulnerable to infection, or have had had contact with someone who is ill, please stay home. Per the bishop’s letter of March 9, if parishioners are “exhibiting flu-like or cold symptoms, they are not obligated to attend Sunday Mass.” Also, “the elderly and those with underlying physical conditions that would make them more susceptible to the Coronavirus are not obliged to attend Sunday Mass.” 

At Mass, the following protocols are in place: 

  • Greeting parishioners at the entrance before and after Mass, as well as when exchanging the Sign of Peace, should be done with a smile, a wave, a bow or in another manner that does not involve physical contact. 
  • The holy water fonts are empty. 
  • The bishop has suspended the distribution of the Eucharist in the form of the Precious Blood. 
  • Parishioners have been asked not to hold hands during the recitation of the Our Father. 
  • Any minister distributing the Eucharist in the form of bread will wash their hands thoroughly before Mass and will use hand sanitizer immediately prior to distributing the host. 
  • Reception of the Eucharist will be in the hand only.
    Hand sanitizer is available at all the entrances to the church. 

We hope that during this time of trial all will abide by these protocols, that the threat of the virus among us might be less severe. 

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