St. Anthony Parish Picnic Update

Dear Parishioners,

What’s your favorite part of the St. Anthony Annual Parish Picnic? 

Do you enjoy the camaraderie of tent night working together with seasoned pros and newbies alike? Side by side, raising tent after tent until the parking lot fluffs up with the promise of things to come? You leave with the memories of folks who weren’t with you physically this year, but whose personalities were very much a part of the laughter of the evening…

If you’re one of our parish’s master food crafters, maybe you hold dear the feel of good dough beneath your rolling pin, or crimping the edges of a pierogi just right… or maybe stuffing just a little bit more meat and rice mixture into that cabbage leaf headed for the army of trays waiting for their turn in the oven.

Maybe you’re a treasure hunter whose eyes glaze over at the sight of White Elephant’s jampacked tables. Or is this the day when your inner gambler cuts loose once every hour as you search the crowd for that 50/50 ticket seller with the superlong arms?

Do you savor the afternoon shade of the bingo tent or digging into the mountain of whipped cream that’s hiding a mouthwatering pile of handcut strawberries on top of a golden shortcake?

Hold tight to those memories, my friends, because sadly, social distancing (which has so suddenly become our new norm) has put our annual parish picnic on hold.

All of us would probably answer that one of our favorite things about the picnic is getting together with people we just don’t see often enough  or maybe we see them every weekend at Mass. Somehow working together for a cause as important as a church fundraiser gives us all a sense of pride and belonging. Because not only do we love each other we love our parish and our history and our accomplishments.

So  a little disappointment? A big disappointment? Yes to both but the most important thing is that we need to keep ourselves and our community safe, so that we can come together in the future to celebrate our favorite things. Because one thing I think we can all agree on is that the parish family of St. Anthony has a strong foundation built on faith. And we firmly believe that we will polka another day!

Best wishes,

The Picnic Committee

Rose Corr, Pat Kearns, Jeremy Redgate

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