Merton House Monthly Collection

September 22, 2012

Next weekend (Sept 29 and 30), we will be collecting donations of soup and broth for the guests of the Thomas Merton House. You may leave your donations in the boxes at the church doors. Thank you!

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Year-End Contribution Statements Mailed

January 27, 2012

Year-end Contribution Statements—were mailed this week to all parishioners whose weekly collection contributions reached $250 or more. Any other statements may be obtained by contacting the parish office by phone or email.

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Please Contribute to Our Merton Center Monthly Food Collection on Jan 28-29th

January 22, 2012

During the weekend of Jan 28-29, St. Anthony Parish will be collecting canned tuna fish for the Thomas Merton Center in Bridgeport. Please place your donation in the boxes at the entrances to the church.

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