The New Blue

Dear Parishioners,

In his primer on Christian Spirituality, Fr. Ron Rolheiser writes that its non-negotiable elements are private prayer and morality, social justice, communal worship and mellowness of heart and spirit. We probably could have guessed the first three, but the last comes as a bit of a surprise. What does mellowness of heart and spirit mean, and what is its relationship to our spirituality?

Fr. Rolheiser defines mellowness as that quality gained and maintained by friendship, spending time in wholesome activities, having dinner with family and friends, enjoying a good book, or good glass of wine… you get the picture. These are the pursuits that open our hearts and minds to others, and thereby, to God.

The parish is sponsoring an event on Sunday, October 27, at 5 pm in the church, when The New Blue, Yale’s oldest female a cappella group, returns to present an hour of their favorite songs. While not an overtly religious experience, the concert could be considered to be of a spiritual nature, as our spirits will be touched by the beautiful music and the presence of these lovely women in our church. The evening concludes with a light wine and cheese reception. Events such as these are opportunities for us to increase our non-negotiable mellowness!


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