The Power of Light

Dear Parishioners,

One light against the blackest of night turns darkness into a backdrop, and the glistening light become a focal point of awe and wonder… Lights – beautiful, bright, colorful, enchanting Christmas lights! The ultimate decorations – a portal to memories like no other. Those big beautiful C 9s bring me back to my childhood home. Bold and beautiful, they cut through the darkness and heralded the joy and excitement of the season. In those days you would find entire streets of homes with doors, windows, bushes trimmed, transforming neigh­borhoods triumphantly. As the years passed smaller bulbs would take the lead with their twinkling ability. Winter walks or night drives to see the lights became a traditional event, and if it snowed during the season it was like being inside a snow globe – pure magic was made, a genuine peace filled wonderland!

The power of light to enter the darkness, change it and in a way, conquer it, is such a strong metaphor for me this year. I lost my mom 3 months ago – one of my greatest lights. Her love was a bea­con in many ways. I was blessed to have had such a shining love for so many years. Without the love and support of so many during this time, I would have been left with only darkness…but there were more lights then I could have hoped for! The many lights that decorate my life – family, friends, fellow faith seekers – even those who posed challenges were shining lights helping me navigate the darkness and the struggles of this difficult time…I know we have all had some challenges, struggles and worries this year that made darkness feel prominent and overwhelming. This Christmas Season, let’s reflect on the wonderful, beautiful, colorful, glowing Christmas lights and remember and cherish all the twinkling human lights in our lives who bring us hope, love and joy ….”Son of God, Love’s pure light!”

Merry Christmas!

Father John