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We Stand with Christ

Dear Parishioners,

We Stand With Christ

As you heard at Mass last weekend, St. Anthony’s has joined the diocesan Capital Campaign known as We Stand With Christ. Our goal is $2,000,000. of which we have already raised $1,210,000., because of the extraordinary generosity of 70 parish families.

The campaign will fund three 501c3 corporations established to further the works of Faith, Education and Charity. The monies raised for these foundations are held separate and apart from diocesan assets and cannot be used for any other than their stated purpose. In other words, this is the first time that lay people can control exactly where their donations go. In addition, the campaign serves the capital needs of our parish. Reaching our goal will assure that St. A’s will receive $1,133,000. back from the campaign to fund needed improvements and repairs in the parish, including renovations to the hall, correction of drainage issues around the hall (school), safety and security measures, expansion of the choir loft and other items.


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